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Spend Sand Makes Parking Lot

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Improved Parking is a Lifesaver

For Waupaca Foundry Plant 5, the existing parking and access road configuration leave a lot to be desired. So when we set about improving the situation, we were determined to get it right—and include a few bonus improvements for the community along the way. 

Using foundry by-products such as foundry sand as a geotechnical fill has a reputation as an economical and Earth-friendly way to level and construct roads and paved areas. Even better, it comes directly from our plants, ready to be repurposed and saved from unnecessary landfill disposal. We are currently working to use this foundry by-product to level the area in front of Plant 5 to expand the parking lot and create improved trucking access with more lanes and easier plant access. But we aren’t stopping there. 

Tell City, Indiana, does not have a dedicated emergency helicopter landing area on Plant 5’s side of town, so the region’s Flight For Life medevac had been using an area near our property as an impromptu landing pad for nearby public emergencies. As we considered giving the parking lot a makeover, we didn’t forget our friends in the sky. As an added feature to the original design, a state-of-the-art helipad will be constructed that would make even Marine One envious. It’s a bonus that makes our new parking lot a real lifesaver. 

Whether you’re driving to work, driving for work, or flying in a time of need, Waupaca Foundry’s improved parking and access project gives new life to old materials.

Plant 5

Win Win
  • Flight for Life Helicopter will have a designated local landing pad at Plant 5. 
  • Improved truck lanes make for easier access to the plant, fewer frustrated truck drivers.
  • The fill used to level and expand the parking lot came directly from the foundry, saving time, money, and reducing waste.
Machining Center Conventional Rotor

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