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more than just a job

Why Waupaca?

Because it’s much more than a job. It’s a career that gives you a solid future for the rest of your life. Be proud of what you do. Work for an industry leader. And never stop striving to be the best you can. You’ll be right at home at Waupaca Foundry. 

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Waupaca Foundry is proud to be an employer of choice for those driven, skilled individuals seeking rewarding careers delivering top-quality castings that millions of people rely on every day.
We fight hard to make everything better for everybody…
Constant improvement applies to our employees and our products. Waupaca Foundry promotes from within. Even the CEO and other foundry leaders started their careers here. Each employee is taken care of personally, with highly competitive pay and benefits, and safety as the number one priority. Employees grow and move forward with Waupaca via resources, education, and training they need to be the best people possible.
Waupaca Foundry is committed to Quality, Innovation, and Responsibility.
Waupaca Foundry is proud to manufacture products that millions of people around the world rely on every day. Every casting produced helps keep the world moving, and Waupaca strives to provide the best for its customers.
Waupaca Foundry is relentlessly improving. That applies to the processes, technology, and employees that make Waupaca Foundry an industry leader. Through its Kaizen, Green/Black Belt, and Waupaca Way initiatives, Waupaca Foundry is continuously becoming better and more efficient.
Waupaca Foundry understands the importance of looking after its employees, the community, and the environment. Through safety initiatives and career development resources, Waupaca keeps its employees safe and helps them grow and build a future for themselves.
Experience an open door policy at Waupaca Foundry that allows every employee to have their voice be heard by team leaders and management .
Waupaca Foundry also leads the way in environmental stewardship. It has implemented cutting-edge sustainability programs to save energy and keep the environment clean. Treating employees and the environment with the respect and integrity each deserves is part of the company culture.