Foundry 101

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Foundry 101

Waupaca’s Expertise Enhances Your Experience

Foundry 101 programs give you a solid idea of what it takes to make a high-quality casting. It’s a perfect resource for casting buyers, purchasing departments, and design engineers that want to buff up on their knowledge or get a better look at what makes a quality casting.


Learn about the terms, techniques and technology used to produce world-class castings, directly from the pros at Waupaca Foundry. Our Foundry 101 one-day seminars and online resources will give you an inside look at our industry-leading machines and process control systems.

With this resource, attendees will be armed with the knowledge to make more informed buying decisions, and incorporate what they’ve learned into future designs, as well as  answer any questions their customers, supervisors, and co-workers might have about metallurgy, foundry process, and producing iron castings.  Foundry 101 explains all the factors that affect manufacturability and total manufacturing costs, so attendees can see how Waupaca’s industry-leading design strategy makes a consistent, quality casting.


Experience Waupaca's FOUNDRY 101 in one of three ways:

  • Customized, private training is available for your company. A Waupaca Foundry expert will visit your site and educate your team. Contact your key account manager to arrange for a private Foundry 101 program.
  • Attend Foundry 101 at Waupaca Foundry. To register online, click here
  • Explore the following pages for online basics and learn more about key terms and phrases used in the iron casting industry, the critical steps in manufacturing castings and how the science of metallurgy meets the process of casting iron.

Terms and Phrases Glossary

From cupola and vents to rams and swings, learn the key terms used in the process of casting iron.
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Casting Technology Guide

A brief guide to the types of castings and the technology used to produce them.
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History of Iron Castings

What started in ancient China became the foundation for American industry. Learn how iron castings shaped our country.
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Alloy Guide

A guide to the metallurgy of iron cast at Waupaca Foundry.
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Links to foundry industry and iron casting resources such as AFS, Ductile Iron Society, FEF, and more.
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