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High-Strength cast iron Brake Components for Light Vehicle

Making Your Passenger Cars and Light Trucks better

Our brakes are stopping vehicles worldwide. Top manufacturers trust Waupaca Foundry cast iron brake components to deliver superior performance and lasting strength.

At Waupaca Foundry, our business is built on delivering both quality and value based pricing for passenger cars and light trucks. Expert process engineering and technical superiority of advanced melting technology and finishing systems produce consistently high quality gray, ductile, austempered ductile and high-strength ductile iron castings. Our customized foundry technology is engineered for speed and our experienced teams produce iron casting design solutions that enhance brake component quality and life cycle.

Iron Casting Brake Solutions at Waupaca Foundry

Extensive industry experience and highly-developed melting, casting and machining facilities enable us to meet the requirements of multiple light vehicle manufacturers world-wide. Over the years, our customers trust us to manufacture light vehicle brake components including brake rotors, brake calipers, brake anchors, performance brakes, wheel hubs and brake drums.

At Waupaca Foundry, we offer a full range of metal casting solutions for light vehicle brakes, engines, suspensions, and drivelines.

Enhanced Capabilities to Improve the Quality of Your Iron Castings

When you work with Waupaca Foundry, you get the expertise of state of the art manufacturing facilities employing the best technology, the most experienced foundry men & women, and a commitment to collaborative, innovative iron casting design & production. Our teams regularly cooperate with OEM engineers to refine casting design with the goal of producing the most durable, lowest cost brake components possible. Lightweighting castings may be as exacting as moving a casting pattern a millimeter—but small design changes can mean big savings and performance to OEMs.

Brake anchors, calipers, drums, hubs, and brake disc rotors manufactured at Waupaca Foundry help OEM's achieve wheel-end weight reduction objectives while meeting the stringent NVH performance requirements.

Reduce Time to Market with Our Complete Iron Castings Manufacturing Services

When you work with Waupaca Foundry, you enter our culture of continuous improvement. We call it the “Waupaca Way” and it means you have high value added services. Updated material handling and chemical distribution allows us to fine-tune raw materials and drive waste out of the production process. Computer modeling, laser scanning, and casting simulations allow design and process improvements that can affect casting weight, complexity and machining. We even consider the size of your casting and how it will affect shipping and delivery costs. From melt to delivery, our focus is coordinating your entire project.

Waupaca Foundry – Quality Castings Since 1955.

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