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Making Your Passenger Cars and Light Trucks better

Differential cases, differential carriers, driveline yokes and axle tubes are just a few cast iron driveline components that Waupaca Foundry produces for the light truck and passenger car market segments. Waupaca Foundry brings a level of expertise to the ductile iron casting process that is critical for producing iron castings for light vehicle drivelines. 
We produce complex casting designs with dimensional control requirements at a lower cost versus horizontal molding due to vertical molding expertise.  Combine that with our large batch melting process that aids in controlled chemistry for consistent machining capability and you have a partner that is more than just an iron casting supplier.
Waupaca Foundry is a tried and true integral partner who understands the rigor of managing multiple supplier tiers. Utilizing our established Tier 1 Management value added services and processes, we take the hassle out of managing multiple layers of suppliers and ensure high-quality products and on-time delivery through the product development and production cycles.

High Quality Ductile Iron Castings For Automotive Markets

Whether your product needs include castings, and/or machining, our experienced and highly responsive development, launch and Tier 1 Management teams ensure that you will receive the highest quality products and services in your respective markets.

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