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Engine Components 


High-Quality Iron Casting Solutions for Light Vehicle Engine Components


Providing Real Value for Our OEM Partners 

At Waupaca Foundry, our expertise gives our customers a competitive edge. Our casting engineers have a track record of providing design and manufacturing solutions that deliver tough, lightweight cast iron engine components for passenger vehicles and light trucks. Our tooling, drafting and core making engineers put decades of experience to work for you—we go beyond just meeting specifications to delivering consistent value.

Iron Casting Services for Engine Components

For new components or improvements to existing parts, trust Waupaca Foundry to meet your specifications. Major global brands trust Waupaca Foundry for keen attention to VA/VE processes delivering quality iron castings such as crankshafts, flywheels, brackets, bearing caps, pulleys, fuel rails, balance shafts, oil pumps and water pumps.
When you work with Waupaca Foundry, you get the expertise of state of the art manufacturing facilities employing the best technology, the most experienced foundry men & women, and a commitment to collaborative, innovative iron casting design & production. Reshoring, lightweighting, new product launches—they're all part of serving our cast iron engine component customers. 

Next Generation Iron Castings for Passenger Cars and Light Trucks

What's next in light vehicle performance and vehicle life-cycle? Just ask the teams at Waupaca Foundry who created ductile iron crankshafts as a smart alternative to forged crankshafts. Teams were able to drive down machining requirements and reduce total manufacturing costs with a durable, innovative solution. Put this kind of problem solving to work on your next project.

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