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​Rail Components from a Trusted High Quality Iron Castings Supplier

Advanced Iron Casting Solutions for Your Unique Needs

For over 60 years, the rail industry has relied on high-quality iron castings to lower cost, ensuring the castings meet specifications to ensure durability/wear and performance, streamlining manufacturing logistics, and in general keeping its customers rail cars and locomotive engines in service, making money.

 We recognize that our rail customers aim to help railroads all over the world haul heavier loads over greater distances with improved reliability and performance. They also strive to advance the rail industry with product innovations that improve productivity, safety and efficiency. Our innovative gray iron and ductile iron casting solutions help these Tier 1 suppliers keep that promise to the railroad companies.

We welcome the challenges your complex designs and specifications offer. It gives us an opportunity to demonstrate the expertise that encourages manufacturers worldwide to source their railcar components from us. Our quality iron castings improve the performance and service life of your locomotive engines and railcars. The expert railcar team at Waupaca Foundry looks forward to discussing your next project. ​​


Waupaca is a trusted supplier to the passenger and freight rail industry, producing iron castings for engine and rail car axle, rail suspension, rail coupling system, and rail braking.​


Value-Added Services for the Railcar Industry  

 In addition to making iron castings, we provide many value-add services to streamline the assembly and manufacture of your rail equipment. This includes iron casting design collaboration and VA/VE support, machining and assembly, heat treating, and paint services to reduce your time and cost to market. Rail manufacturers rely on our foundry expertise, innovative solutions and cost-effective services to gain a competitive edge.

We produce a host of gray iron, ductile iron, austempered ductile iron and compacted graphite iron castings to meet your specific needs.  The best time to work together on casting design is very early in the design stage; before the first iron castings are ever produced. Waupaca Foundry welcomes any invitation to participate in iron casting design, especially before iron casting designs are final (and prior to product launch or production). We have iron casting engineers who can assist in this process. If you choose to work with us prior to finalizing an iron casting design and material type, you have greater opportunity to reduce cost and improve quality. This collaborative effort and our advanced simulation technology allow you to see up-front what will be most successful before you go to market.

We Are Ready to Meet Your Rail Iron Castings Needs

Expanding your rail car offerings? Improving the design of your rail car engine components? At Waupaca Foundry, we are always ready to serve your rail car manufacturing requirements. We know that quality products require quality railcar components. Our six manufacturing locations (each with unique capabilities) in the United States and key account managers worldwide ensure that output is always of the highest quality and delivered on time.

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