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Our Technology

​​​Waupaca Foundry utilizes industry leading technologies that translate to complex requirements into manufacturable solutions. Our relentless quality management combined with the most advanced technology and people who care drives Waupaca Foundry’s reputation for consistently delivering the highest quality castings.

Robotic Core Production

Our custom-built core machines automate the core-making process including unloading, coating and finishing cores. This increases volume and efficiency while maintaining quality and competitive pricing.

Automated Iron Pouring

Iron is automatically dispensed into a green sand mold—a standard at Waupaca Foundry—that offers precisely repeatable and controlled processes that improve casting quality and consistency.

Vertical Molding Machines

Known as “Waupaca-Matics,” our custom vertical green sand molding machines are engineered, programmed, and maintained in-house, giving us maximum control over the casting process, and ultimately quality.

We keep our metallurgists and casting experts “on call” to effectively problem solve design or production adjustments to support our technology. Our metallurgists use cutting-edge lab technology to improve the accuracy, consistency and performance of our castings. Learn more.

Magma® 3-D Solidification Modeling

This powerful software simulates fluid flow and the casting solidification process before we enter production. Using 3D computer models of the mold and gating; we simulate iron flow and cooling. The simulation allows us to identify potential issues and make adjustments before the casting production starts, saving time and money.

Arena Flow Modeling

This modeling software predicts sand and air flow from the blow chamber to the core tooling, key elements in the core-making process. This allows us to adjust core designs that remove sand volume from the core, improving equipment utilization optimize performance.

Laser-Scanned Dimensional Analysis

This analysis provides a 3-D scan of the casting profile to ensure dimensional consistency. This in turn improves accuracy and machining performance.

Digital Imaging

Waupaca Foundry can inspect and characterize the microstructure of a casting. Expert metallurgists ensure our customers that castings were made to specifications.


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