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​​​History 1990-2000


Waupaca Foundry: A legacy of getting the job done
The history of Wisconsin’s manufacturing sector is linked to the growth and development of one foundry originally located along the banks of the Waupaca River. What started as a regional foundry has expanded to a nationwide supplier to heavy industry with durable products designed to for the agriculture, transportation, and retail sectors.


​​Kaizen training introduced to the company, a program that brings together five or six employees from different departments as a team, to work on creative problem solving and new ways to improve production or the flow of materials.


​Construction began on Plant 5 in Tell City, IN.


​​Gary Thoe became President and Chief Executive Officer of Waupaca Foundry following the retirement of Don Brunner.​


The largest vertical molding machine in the world was installed at Tell City, IN. The machine was named “The Super Ox” and was designed and built by Waupaca Foundry employees. The addition brought the total number of vertical molding machines company-wide to 29, with a capacity of more than 380 tons per hour, making Waupaca Foundry the largest non-captive iron foundry in the world with more than 2,300 employees.​



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