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foundry tolerances

​Standard Foundry Tolerances

The following are the standards Waupaca Foundry uses for all quotations unless previously agreed to.

  1. Minimum dimensional tolerance: up to 8” (203MM): +/- .031” (.8MM); over 8”: +/- .045” (1.14MM).
  2. Minimum mold shift and/or T.I.R. minimum tolerance: up to 8” (203MM), casting allowance to be .06” (1.52MM). 
  3. Minimum machine stock: gray iron parts: .080” (2MM); ductile iron parts: .090” (2.3MM) nominal. 
  4. Minimum wall thickness: gray iron parts: .180” (4.57MM); ductile iron parts: .250” (6.35MM). 
  5. Minimum grinding tolerance: riser ground .090” (2.3MM) maximum; parting and in-gates ground flush to +.060” (1.52MM) maximum and trim press at flush to .060” (1.52MM) maximum. Tolerance to be measured from the parting. 
  6. Surface voids: general acceptance criteria statements, i.e. “casting to be free of defects for as-cast and machined surfaces” are not acceptable and must be defined and agreed upon. 
  7. Ductile iron soundness: allowable level and location, to be determined through solidification modeling and sampling, would need to be mutually agreed upon. 
  8. A casting print, which includes the location for the casting ID information and machining locators, should be used for quoting. If not available, we need a mutual agreement on cast versus machined requirement notes. 
  9. Castings will be packaged according to requirements, leaving our dock rust free and shipped as agreed. If this policy is followed, we will not accept responsibility for castings received with rust. 
  10. A master sample will be retained until approval. You will accept tooling movement on equivalent equipment within the same Plant. 
  11. Notification is not required for changes in equipment such as new, additional, replacement, or change in equipment size with no change in process flow. An approval of warrant implies all requirements are met. 
  12. For gray iron castings only, separately cast ASTM A48 test bars will be removed from their mold at a temperature consistent with the castings they represent once per shift, unless otherwise specified. 
  13. If additional testing and/or inspections are requested once the quote is submitted, Waupaca Foundry may request a requote.




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