About Waupaca Foundry

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​​​About Waupaca Foundry

Waupaca Foundry, a Hitachi Metals Group company, produces best-in-class gray iron, ductile iron, austempered ductile iron and compacted graphite iron castings at seven, strategically located​ state-of-the-art foundries in North America.
Waupaca Foundry is committed to relentless improvement, forward-thinking sustainability initiatives, and providing a reliable experience to the millions who use products with iron castings every day. Our goal is to employ individuals who take pride in manufacturing ductile iron and gray iron castings within a culture of continual innovation.
For our customers, suppliers and workforce, Waupaca Foundry commits to continuous improvement initiatives and a dedication to advancing technology, safety and productivity.

Waupaca Foundry produces iron castings, focusing on transportation, construction, agriculture and industrial markets worldwide.

Waupaca Foundry embraces lean manufacturing techniques in all of its facilities, and manages other value added services for customers. Customers’ expectations are met through innovative technology, continuous improvement culture, and the efforts of dedicated, motivated, highly trained work force.

Waupaca maintains strong social and environmental commitments to its employees and communities, including: improvements sustained through green initiatives, a well-maintained and safe environment, and the encouragement of employees’ personal growth through advancement and continuing education.

Many Waupaca leaders started their careers here. The decades of insights they bring are crucial to making the highest quality iron castings.

Waupaca Foundry is leading the industry in environmental innovations and sustainable practices. The company continuously explores ways to do more for the environment and for the communities in which they operate.

The best iron castings come from the best people. Generations of skilled craftsmen are proud to have built their careers here. Waupaca Foundry offers its employees competitive pay and benefits, the opportunity for advancement, as well as professional and personal growth alongside an industry leader.

Persons seeking a career that provides a solid future are encouraged to apply.

In 1955, Clifford Schwenn purchased Pearson Foundry Machine Shop and changed the name to Waupaca Foundry, Inc. During this period the foundry employed 13 people and poured 2-3 tons daily. Today, Waupaca Foundry has a melt capacity of 10,0​00 metric tons/day. Going strong for more than 60 years, Waupaca Foundry has a culture of continuous-improvement, a legacy of innovation, and a commitment to making the industry’s highest quality iron castings. Learn more about our rich history here.           

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