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​​​Waupaca foundry History 1900-1960

Waupaca Foundry: A legacy of getting the job done

Circa 1900-1950

​After the turn of the century, the foundry was sold to Leo Niemuth; then again to Charlie Dombrowski who ran the foundry until his death in 1955.


​Company was sold to Clifford Schwenn who changed the name to Waupaca Foundry, Inc. At this time Donald Brunner left Brillion Iron Works and joined Waupaca Foundry, Inc. as Plant Manager of Operations. Immediately a pattern vault addition was added to the plant.


​Waupaca Foundry was casting truck brake drums, heavy truck axle parts, water and air-cooled industrial equipment parts, wood and metal working equipment castings, electric motor housings, and parts for electric door openers. A 4-ton cupola with a 45-foot stack was constructed, operations were transferred to a new plant (now  Plant 1) and the melting jumped to 30 tons per day.