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corporate social responsibility


The best castings come from the best materials and the best people. Waupaca Foundry has safety and supply systems in place that help protect both human and environmental resources. Responsible use of these valuable resources means Waupaca Foundry can continue providing the quality iron castings millions of people rely on every day.


Workplace Safety 

Waupaca’s safety system relies on individual accountability, workplace hazard assessment, equipment maintenance and ongoing training to ensure its highly skilled workforce stays on the job. 
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Green Foundry through Sustainable Practices

Waupaca is dedicated to finding smarter ways to use and protect our natural resources.
Curious to know more about Waupaca's green foundry efforts? View the 2015 Sustainability Report​ here.
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Our Communities​

Teamwork on the job extends to supporting the communities in which Waupaca Foundry does business and leadership within the casting industry.
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​Employee Training and Development

Waupaca Foundry is an employer of choice. There’s a level of pride here that can be seen in every employee. Waupaca believes in taking care of its employees by offering opportunities for personal development through health and wellness programs, ongoing education and training, and promoting from within. The result: customers have the most highly skilled production team in the industry, backed by knowledge passed down through generations.
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Hitachi Metals Corporate Social Responsibility​

A Hitachi Metals group company, Waupaca Foundry's corporate social responsibility ​is in alignment with the enterprise​. Hitachi Metals aims to contribute to society by being “the best enterprise.” Accordingly, we have worked to help solve social issues by utilizing our advanced technologies and capabilities.​
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Environmental, Health and Safety Policy: "CAST"

​C - Commitment to Environmental, Health and Safety excellence through employee consultation and participation, risk reduction/hazard elimination and compliance with EHS regulations and other requirements.

A - Always strive for continuous improvement and prevention of accidents, injuries, and pollution.

S - Set and review EHS objectives and targets.

T - Train employees on their EHS responsibilities.​​​


Conflict Mineral Policy

Waupaca Foundry, Inc. has audited and continues to audit our supply chain for the use or purchase of conflict minerals, as defined by the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.  It is our company policy to not purchase any raw material that would potentially fall within the statutory definition of conflict minerals.