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committed to environmental, health, and safety


At Waupaca Foundry, safety is the highest priority. The belief is that every Waupaca employee, visitor, and contractor should be able to come to work, perform their job in the safest environments possible so they can return to their families each and every day for their entire career at Waupaca Foundry. 

Waupaca’s safety programs are leading the foundry industry. It has developed a health and safety management system that relies on supervisor accountability, employee safety committees, workplace hazard assessment, equipment maintenance, and ongoing training. The goal is to keep skilled team members on the job safely working for customers. 

All employees participate in “behavior-based safety” in which co-workers observe each other and provide constructive feedback on safety procedures. Safety objectives are integrated into daily meetings and near misses are tracked and evaluated to learn where potential issues may develop. Each plant employs safety professionals and a plant nurse who responds to first aid, ergonomics issues and assists with fitting respirators and testing.

Waupaca Foundry also collaborates with other foundries to identify and improve ergonomic issues in the workplace.

Have questions or need additional information? Contact your Waupaca Foundry plant safety coordinator.


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​​Waupaca Foundry has a management system in place for health and safety. It is also registered to OHSAS 18001 at all locations.


Plant 1, Waupaca, Wisconsin
Plants 2 & 3, Waupaca, Wisconsin
Plant 4, Marinette, Wisconsin
Plant 5, Tell City, Indiana
Plant 6, Etowah, Tennesse​​​​​