Environmental Sustainability | Waupaca Foundry

Sustainable foundry practices


Foundries are the ultimate recyclers. For generations, Waupaca Foundry has created new products out of recycled steel scrap and iron and re-uses many of the raw materials used in creating iron castings. However, foundries are also energy-intensive businesses and it is imperative that Waupaca keeps finding smarter ways to use and preserve the planet’s natural resources.

Waupaca Foundry has a 10-year vision for sustainability with achievable goals for reducing its environmental impact by 2020: 

Reduce energy use intensity by 25%.



Reduce water use consumption by 80%.



Promote alternative processes and maintain state of the art pollution control technologies.



Reduce spent foundry sand generation by 30% while promoting offsite reuse/recycling opportunities of remaining spent foundry materials to achieve zero landfill disposal


Waupaca Foundry maintains an Environment Management System and is registered to ISO 140001 at all foundry locations



Green Tier participant



"How Can We Become a Practical Green Foundry Industry", a white paper that offers a practical look at how Waupaca Foundry has reduced its energy consumptions and carbon footprint.

Presented during CastExpo '10 in Orlando, FL and published in AFS Transactions and the International Journal of Metalcasting.