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​Energy Reduction

Innovation is at the core of Waupaca’s sustainability initiatives. Since 2004, it has implemented several energy conservation programs including using foundry process waste heat for building and hot water heating, installing energy efficient lighting, and the widespread use of premium high efficiency motors.


In 2009, Waupaca Foundry received the Wisconsin Governor's Award for Environmental Excellence at Plant 1 in Waupaca, Wisconsin. In this project, the industry-leading heat recovery system used waste heat from melting scrap iron for heating the facility through the Wisconsin winters. This project, along with other efforts, reduced energy use equivalent to removing approximately 3,200 passenger vehicles from U.S. highways.
Better Plants Program  
And, as one of the first 32 charter companies in the U.S., Waupaca Foundry is voluntarily cutting energy use by 25 percent over the next decade through the Better Plants program, a new U.S. Department of Energy initiative designed to foster energy efficiency and long-term sustainability. 



Energy Policy: "REDUCE"​
R - Review established energy management objectives and targets.
E - Ensure the availability of information and resources to achieve those objectives and targets.
D - Drive for continuous 
improvement in the efficient use of energy.
U - Use energy efficiency as a key component of new equipment, major renovation, and new design.
C - Commit to energy management excellence through compliance with applicable legal and other requirements.
E - Educate employees on their energy management responsibilities.

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