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solid as the castings we create

Iron Casting Foundry & Machining Locations

Multiple Locations Allow for Top Quality Iron Castings

More than 4,500 employees across six foundries and two machining facilities bring you the highest quality iron castings in the industry. Headquartered, and with three foundries and one machining facility in Waupaca, WI, Waupaca Foundry also has foundry operations in Marinette, WI, Tell City, IN, and Etowah, TN. Additionally, Waupaca Foundry has a machining and assembly operation in Effingham, IL. Multiple locations allow Waupaca Foundry to meet customer demand and ensure a steady supply of top-quality cast, machined and assembled iron components.

Industry Leading Supplier of Iron Castings

Founded in 1955, the first plant in Waupaca was just the beginning for tenacious leaders and innovative employees to grow Waupaca Foundry into an industry-leading supplier of iron castings producing gray iron, ductile iron (including high strength and austempered ductile) castings. Waupaca Foundry melts nearly two million metric tons of iron each year. The iron foundries produce castings weighing as little as 2 pounds to as much as 350 pounds.