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Hitachi Metals

​a Hitachi Metals Group company


Hitachi Metals and Waupaca Foundry present integrated operations to provide the best-in-class castings for our customers and ongoing opportunity for employees. Waupaca Foundry together with affiliate ​Hitachi Metals group companies, Hitachi Metals America, and Ward Manufacturing, Inc. provide for the most value for our customers.

Our combined resources provide even greater scale and market strength and become more agile in a growing global marketplace. Globally, we are part of Hitachi Metals, Ltd., a high-function material manufacturer with production facilities located worldwide.

For our customers, suppliers and workforce, we commit ourselves to continuous improvement initiatives and a dedication to advancing technology, safety and productivity.

In addition to Waupaca Foundry locations, these organizations are also part of the Hitachi Metals group. 

nAMYANG METALS, s. korea

Ductile iron castings: Exhaust manifolds, turbo housings, steering knuckles, crankshafts, differential cases, control arms, camshafts, bed plates, bearing caps
HM Moka works, japan

Ductile iron castings: Steering knuckles, control arms, trailing arms, exhaust manifold, crankshafts, differential cases, differential carriers, support beams
HM KyushU works, japan

Stainless steel castings: Turbine housings, mani-turbo, and exhaust manifolds