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Waupaca Foundry at the heart of a community

 A University of Wisconsin Madison education can be a powerful thing. For Michael Nikolai, it was the inroad into a company that he now heads as CEO. Waupaca Foundry has had a powerful impact on Wisconsin and the immediate community. The foundry employs more than 1,300 Waupaca County residents, contributing $82.5 million in wages and an additional $307 million to the county?s economy. Waupaca Foundry is responsible for 10.4 percent of total income and 9.9 percent of total sales in Waupaca County.


Waupaca Foundry high-strength ductile Iron knuckle increases strength of suspension

 CAR AND DRIVER, August 2016 - The Honda Ridgeline receives a unibody revolution and its suspension components have been beefed up. Even its steering knuckle, made by Waupaca Foundry in Lawrenceville, Penn. is stronger than it's Honda Pilot counterpart, but nearly as light. The article nods to Hitachi Metals HNM Series high-strength ductile, which allows components to be lighter weight while also more durable. As a result of the redesigned knuckle, the Honda Ridgeline front and rear suspension is 17% and 31% stronger, respectively.


Waupaca Foundry unveils New Strategy

 Modern Casting, April 2016 - Nearly two years into its relationship with Hitachi Metals​, a Japan-based company with machining and metalcasting operations in Asia and North America, Waupaca Foundry appears to be shifting into high gear. In early 2016, the company unveiled a four part series of capital investments and strategic initiatives along with longterm expansion possibilities to improve its standing in the global market.

Waupaca Foundry strengthens its outlook with new merger

Insight on Business, March 2016 - Hitachi Metals Foundry America, the parent company of Waupaca F​oundry, announced in February a merger between the Waupaca-based company and fellow subsidiary Hitachi Metals Automotive Components USA. HMAC will become a division of Waupaca Foundry, which should emerge from realignment as a stronger player in key markets,
particularly automotive.

Thinking inside the box

Waupaca County PostFebruary 18, 2016 - Students at Little Wolf Junior/Senior High School in Manawa, Wis. recently teamed with a group of employees from Waupaca Foundry to get a “day in the life” career experience participating in a Foundry in a Box simulation, providing insights into the manufacturing process at an iron foundry.

Waupaca Foundry Moving Forward

Waupaca County PostOctober 1, 2015 - Waupaca Foundry is investing $27 million to expand its three plants in Waupaca, Wis. When all phases of the project are completed, the gray iron foundries will have added a total of 64,500 square feet to its local facilities. The expansion project will make the production process more efficient and the work space more operator friendly.
Wins Accolades for Green Effort  

Brighter Energy Future For Etowah Foundry

Chattanooga Times Free PressAugust 20, 2015 - Waupaca Foundry received a $400,000 incentive from Etowah Utilities for an energy conservation program managed by Tennessee Valley Authority. The ductile iron foundry in Etowah, Tennessee replaced 75% of lighting fixtures with energy-saving LED fixtures making it the largest lighting upgrade for the foundry.
Wins Accolades for Green Effort  

Waupaca Foundry Wins Accolades for Green Efforts

Insight, June, 2015 - Waupaca Foundry Inc. has earned a spot in the Wisconsin Green Tier program for its voluntary efforts to reduce and reuse waste from its operations.
A Sense for Sustainability  

A Sense For Sustainability

Insight, June, 2015 - Waupaca Foundry is among manufacturers that hav focused attention on improving efficiency, recently being accepted into the Wisconsin Green Tier program, which recognizes businesses that go above and beyond to meet or exceed environmental standards.
Foundry Forging New Path On Cutting Waste.JPG  

Waupaca Foundry Forging New Path On Cutting Waste

 Journal Sentinel, April 25, 2015 - Waupaca Foundry focuses on cutting energy use, reusing byproducts of the foundry process and sending less to the landfill.

Fueling the Fire

Insight Magazine, September 2013 - CEO Gary Gigante shares insights about the future of Waupaca Foundry and praised its workforce for helping shape and drive the success of the gray iron and ductile iron supplier.

Waupaca Foundry Plays Large Roll in Local Economy

WSAW News Channel 7, June 13, 2013. Waupaca Foundry makes parts for products we use daily; from vehicles to lawn mowers and tractors. To boot, the ductile and gray iron castings supplier plays a large role in the local economy.


Waupaca Foundry Plays Large Roll in Local Economy

Chattanooga Times Free Press - Edge, July 2013. Waupaca Foundry pulls the throttle on production as the auto industry
bounces back from the recession.







Fine-tuning the foundry

Insight On Manufacturing, May 2013 - Waupaca Foundry's energy enhancements earned a DOE commendation.
Waupaca's Mold Innocation 

Waupaca's Mold Innovation

Modern Casting, September, 2012- Waupaca Foundry found a way to double the number of castings it could make per mold for a complex bedplate job.

Casting Central to Hydrant Revolution

Metalcasting Design & Purchasing, June/July 2011 - OEM startup Sigelock is out to change the way fire hydrants are designed and operated, and a metal casting made by Waupaca Foundry is helping make it happen.



Auxiliary Drive Casting Receives Best-In-Class Award

Metal Casting Desing and Puchasing, May/June 2011-  Waupaca Foundry receives Best-In-Class Award for Auxiliary Drive Casting.

Becoming a Practical Green Casting Industry

Modern Casting, April 2011 - Read more. Waupaca Foundry CEO, Gary Gigante shares several ways metalcasters can improve their efficiency while minimizing waste to become a practical green foundry.

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